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Hasbro Whistleblower Suspended

Toymaker Hasbro Misses Earning Expectations

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An engineer working for Hasbro co tractor has reportedly been pulled from the job by his employer after blowing the whistle on the toy makers critical race theory training.

David Johnson, the whistleblower, said he was suspended from working on the Hasbro account while an investigation is conducted.

"Your access has been suspended for the moment while the company investigates some sort of issue of breach confidentiality." Johnson was reportedly told.

According to Yahoo Johnson had an issue with the company training.

"Hasbro is attempting to covertly push CTR, Critical Race Theory, through branding and messaging through their products. I decided to come to Project Veritas because I oppose the indoctrination of children they wanted to push." Johnson said

An organization called The Conscious Kid, which describes itself as "an education, research, and policy organization dedicated to equity and promoting healthy racial identity development in youth," provided the training for Hasbro workers.

Johnson found the training insidious so he came forward. He felt parents really needed to know what was happening. The co-founder of The Conscious Kid said little children display racist behavior. Johnson believes the premise is absurd.

"Two-year-old racists is just an absurd concept. They explain that the white children, in particular bias against black people. It's mainstream ideology now." Johnson said

The training was always optional for employees and never mandatory, Hasbro said in a statement responding to Johnson's allegations.

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