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McCabe, Hannity, Starbucks & #WarGames 2018

ICYMI: The Mo’Kelly Show Presents – An explanation of Andrew McCabe’s criminal referral; why Sean Hannity’s lack of disclosure is a major ‘no-no’ AND the final thought on Starbuck!!!

PLUS – Actress Jess Nurse takes you inside the world of #WarGames.

Jess Nurse & Mo'Kelly

(Photo Courtesy - Tawala Sharp)

In #WarGames; Nurse stars as "Kelly Grant" on the innovative new interactive six-episode series from MGM and Eko. #WarGames, re-imagines the classic ’80s Matthew Broderick movie as a modern day thriller following hackers as they make their way through espionage and government conspiracies.

(Video Courtesy - YouTube)

#WarGames debuted March 14 and is live now for Steam, IOS, Vudu, HelloEko and the Eko iOS app.

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