The Mo’Kelly Show Beyond The Music: Raul Midón

(Photo courtesy of - Morris O'Kelly)

Ever since the 20th century turned into the 21st, singer-songwriter and guitarist Raul Midón has earned renown as one of music’s most distinctive and searching voices – “a one-man band… who is spiritually connected,” according to The New York Times, and “an eclectic adventurist,” in the words of People magazine.

The New Mexico native, blind since birth, has released eight albums since 1999, including the acclaimed studio productions 2005’s “State of Mind”, 2007’s A World Within a World, 2009’s “Synthesis”, and 2014’s “Don’t Hesitate”.

Attesting to his enduring ambitions is Midón’s ninth studio album, “Bad Ass and Blind”.

“Bad Ass and Blind”, finds Midón expanding his range compositionally, tapping into the linear modal harmony explored by such jazz composers as Miles Davis and Wayne Shorter.

Reflecting on the exploratory grasp of past and present represented by Bad Ass and Blind, Midón says: “Like with all my records, this album is for those who are interested in going beyond notions of genre – it’s for listeners with open ears, open minds, open hearts.”

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