LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva on the Special Operations Division

Manhunt Underway In Los Angeles After Shots Fired At Two Detectives

Photo: Getty Images

Live and Unscripted with LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva allows the man who runs the world’s largest Sheriff’s Department to speak his mind, raw and unfiltered.

Join Sheriff Villanueva for a candid look at some of the hottest topics on the minds of LA County residents; homelessness, crime, corruption and politics. The show will also take calls from the public and feature guests who will explain the inner workings of the various bureaus of the LA County Sheriff's Department.

This week, the sheriff along with several in-studio expert guests talk about the Special Operations Division and Special Enforcement Bureau. Today’s in-studio guests include Lt Susanne Burakowski, Chief Jack Ewell and Captain Thomas Giandomenico. And as per usual, Villanueva takes calls.

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