"He Said, She Said, They Said..."

Photo: KFI AM 640

“He Said, She Said, They Said…”, addresses the conflict between schools and parents over the ongoing introduction of books, curricula, and instruction about alternative lifestyles. Guest include educators, advocates, parents and Drag Queens. The KFI News Special is produced by the award-winning team of Steve Gregory and Jacob Gonzalez, with associate producer Nick Pagliochini.

Parents and protesters continue to gather at school board meetings around the country to express their frustration over districts’ that try to introduce books and language which address the transgender community and other LGBTQ+ issues. Faith-based leaders have also joined the protests along with advocacy groups that represent parents of public-school students.

Critics say these issues should be addressed exclusively in the home while supporters say it is critical to be inclusive of all lifestyles to better prepare children for the real world.

“He Said, She Said, They Said…” features multiple sides of the issue. The complete special and additional podcast with extended content on the iHeartRadio App.

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