Truck Regulations Extended in the Wilmington-Harbor City Area

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LOS ANGELES (CNS) - The Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved a report and resolution Tuesday to prohibit expansion of trucking-related uses on all industrial land in the Wilmington-Harbor City areas for an additional year.

The Interim Control Ordinance was adopted by council July 2022 to temporarily prohibit the issuance of all permits and certificates of occupancy associated with trucking-related uses, such as truck parking and storage, trucking yard and trucking terminal.

The area east of Alameda Street and the Wilmington Industrial Park, south of G Street and east of Broad Avenue, were exceptions to the ordinance.

According to a report from the city's Planning Department, the ordinance is set to expire on June 11, and it needs to be extended to give the department more time to finalize new zoning and permanent regulatory measures for trucking use in the area.

"The additional one year is necessary to protect against the ongoing current and immediate threat to the public health, safety and welfare," Vincent Bertoni, director of planning, wrote in a report to City Council.

The ordinance prevents potentially "irreversible negative impacts" on the community resulting from the expansion or establishment of additional trucking-related uses, pending adoption of "appropriate regulatory controls" for these uses, Bertoni added.

Planning Department staff will continue to work and prepare the Wilmington-Harbor City Community Plan Update, which will include new areas to address the establishment of trucking-related uses near residential areas; new land use designations; new zoning; and use standards to define distance separation, screening and enclosure requirements for trucking-related uses.

Bertoni noted in his report that planning staff is in the process of releasing the proposed new zones for public input, which would prohibit trucking-related uses in targeted areas adjacent to residential neighborhoods.

Planning staff anticipate the Wilmington-Harbor City Commnity Plan will proceed through the adoption process this year, Bertonie added.

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