Massive Fire Demolishes Commerce Industrial Building; No Injuries Reported

Photo: Blake Troli, KFI News

COMMERCE (CNS) - Almost 12 hours after a massive three-alarm blaze erupted at an industrial warehouse in Commerce, spewing thick black smoke that was visible for miles, the site remained an active fire scene Friday, authorities said.

The blaze erupted about 3:40 a.m. in the 6500 block of Flotilla Street west of Davie Avenue -- and as of about 3 p.m., crews from the Los Angeles County Fire Department were still on the scene, according to a spokesperson with the LACFD.

Responding Los Angeles County Fire Department crews encountered flames chewing through the 100,000-square-foot-plus structure.

The resulting plume of black smoke could be seen for miles, and the inferno raging in the structure lit up the pre-dawn sky.

According to the LACFD spokesperson, fire officials were still battling hotspots at the location, and there were still active flames.

Just before 10 a.m., L.A. County Supervisor Janice Hahn, who was on scene at the blaze, tweeted that the fire continued to burn and that "the fumes ... are noxious."

"LACoFD has told local schools that students should remain indoors during recess as fire continues to burn at warehouse," Hahn tweeted.

LACFD Capt. Sheila Kelliher told Fox11 at the scene that the building where the fire originated housed a plastic bench supplier. Kelliher said the fire started near the loading dock area, but the cause was under investigation.

"Our units have done a great job getting a handle on this," Kelliher said shortly after 7 a.m. "It is a stubborn fire ... there are a lot of products in there, plastics and whatnot, so they get hot and they burn heavy; so, they're doing a great job. You can see by the smoke that we're close to knockdown."

Arriving firefighters found that the roof of the structure had quickly collapsed as flames ripped through the building, forcing the firefighters into a defensive posture.

Firefighters poured water onto the flames from ladders raised outside the structure.

The flames were contained to the single sprawling structure, not spreading to any other buildings.

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