Brea Man Pleads Guilty to Impersonating Doctor

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SANTA ANA (CNS) - A 62-year-old Brea man pleaded guilty Wednesday and was immediately sentenced to four years in prison for providing various medical procedures without a medical license.

Elias Renteria Segoviano was released last year on a separate case on his own recognizance but, "Not more than one day after his arraignment, Elias Segoviano continued to engage in unlawful medical practices including the performance of invasive medical procedures that were delineated and recorded through undercover operations," Orange County District Attorney's investigator Thomas Hoang said in court papers seeking to have the defendant's bail increased from $35,000 to $1 million.

Segoviano was arrested July 19 last year at his business, Botox in Anaheim, at 935 S. Brookhurst St., according to the Orange County District Attorney's Office. He performed procedures such as injecting victims with suspected counterfeit Botox, fillers, anesthetics and other drugs.

Segoviano pleaded guilty to perjury, procuring or offering false or forged documents to be filed, registered or recorded as well as seven counts of unauthorized practice of medicine, all felonies. He also pleaded guilty to misdemeanor counts of false indications of a medical license, falsely representing a license, misrepresentation of qualifications and impersonating a nurse.

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