Gun Suspect Prompts Lockdown on Golden West College Campus

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Photo: Getty Images

HUNTINGTON BEACH (CNS) - Golden West College officials locked down the campus in Huntington Beach Monday as police searched for a possible gunman, but no threat was found.

The lockdown began at 12:49 p.m. and was lifted at 1:22 p.m. when police determined the suspect was no longer on campus, said Golden West College spokeswoman Andrea Rangno.

College officials have been working on updating safety protocols following a pair of recent public safety issues, so educators and employees were given the option this week to work remotely, Rangno said. Some in-person classes were also shifted to remote.

On March 9, two students said someone showed a gun to them on campus, Rangno said. The students went home and told their families, who called the college campus safety department, Rangno said.

Police were called to the campus Monday when someone reported seeing a man matching that person's description, Rangno said.

"We were trying to be very cautious given how on edge we were," Rangno said of the lockdown decision.

Earlier this month, a former employee who had been harassing current employees and faculty popped up on campus, which upset some employees, Rangno said.

Next week, the college is on spring break so there will be no classes, Rangno said.

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