Judge Dismisses Two of Three Claims by Unhappy Customer vs. Psychic

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INGLEWOOD (CNS) - A judge Tuesday pared a lawsuit filed by a man who claims a Palos Verdes Estates psychic falsely promised him in 2021 that she could remove a curse put in place by the man's ex-girlfriend in exchange for $5,100.

Inglewood Superior Court Judge Ronald F. Frank dismissed plaintiff Mauro Restrepo's causes of action for fraud and negligent misrepresentation. Restrepo maintains that the website of the psychic, Sophia Adams, stated that she is a "Ph.D life coach," making him more confident that he was speaking with a professional with a doctoral degree who could help him.

"Without much more detailed specifics as to how plaintiff in particular -- and distinct from a reasonable person -- could have reasonably relied on the specific allegations alleged to made by a person known by plaintiff to be holding herself out to be a psychic or a life coach, the court will (dismiss the causes of action for fraud and negligent misrepresentation)," the judge wrote.

Frank also said the final allegation, for unfair competition, will need more facts in order for the suit to survive. He gave Restrepo 20 days to file an amended complaint.

Restrepo filed his original suit in October 2021 against Adams and her business, Psychic Love Specialist by Sophia; the psychic's husband, George Adams; her daughter, Tiffany Winston -- also known as Tiffany Johnson and Tiffany Adams -- and Adams' landlords, Christ and Polly Koutroumbis. Restrepo filed two amended complaints, the most recent on Jan. 19.

Restrepo says Adams read his tarot cards and told him he had "mala suerte," or "bad luck" that was placed on him by a witch hired by his ex- girlfriend. Adams told Restrepo that unless Adams removed the curse, Restrepo and his family would be "unhappy and in danger," the suit states.

However, Adams denies saying anything to Restrepo about a curse. She previously told City News Service that he made an appointment on Sept. 17, 2021 and was indeed given a tarot card reading, and that afterward he said he was unlucky in love and was looking for some type of healing or meditation.

Adams said she offered him a crystal for $5,100. Crystals are commonly used in tarot practice.

Restrepo could not afford the full balance, so he gave Sophia a $1,000 cash advance and the two agreed the crystal would not be ordered until the full balance was paid, according to Adams.

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