LA Council Members Seek Speed Mitigation Measures on Arterial Streets

Rural Traffic Sign

Photo: Getty Images

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Two City Council members are seeking to implement speed mitigation measures on arterial streets in Los Angeles, according to a motion filed Wednesday.

Arterial streets are classified as boulevards and avenues in the city's mobility plan. The city does not currently have a formal program to implement such measures, according to the motion co-presented by Council Members Nithya Raman and Bob Blumenfield.

The Department of Transportation has piloted "speed tables," which are longer than speed humps, on arterial streets. The pilot has shown "positive results," according to the motion.

The council members called for the council to instruct the department to report in 90 days on the effectiveness of the currently installed speed tables. It also called for a report in 120 days on creating an annual speed safety program for arterial and non-residential local and collector streets.

The city currently has a program to mitigate speed only on local and collector streets in residential areas. According to the motion, the city's "target operating speed" for arterial roads is 35 mph, but the streets are currently "not programmatically designed" for that speed.

Over 300 people were killed and 1,500 people severely injured by traffic violence in 2022 in Los Angeles, the motion states. The city's Vision Zero Safety Study cites speeding as the most common cause of collisions.

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