LA Council Members Seek More Equitable Distribution of Beauty Programs

Los Angeles at Twilight

Photo: Getty Images

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Two City Council members introduced a motion Tuesday seeking to more equitably distribute beautification programs in Los Angeles.

Council members Tim McOsker and Monica Rodriguez wrote in their motion that the city's beautification programs are spread out under various departments, and have different sources of funding.

They want the city to look at "disparately impacted" areas, requesting a report from the Board of Public Works and Bureau of Sanitation analyzing all beautification and cleaning programs funded by the city, specifically identifying potential overlaps in programs.

The motion, citing a budget memorandum by the Board of Public Works from last year's budget deliberations, notes that some beautification and cleaning programs were similar in nature. There are also cleaning efforts from other organizations such as Clean LA, Clean and Green, Conservation Corps, Angelenos Corps, Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation and separate efforts by individual council districts.

"Further coordination is needed to maintain these cleaning and greening efforts in a responsible manner," the motion states.

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