Inclement Weather Shelters Extended for Homeless in LA County

Runner wearing knit hat and gloves, rubbing hands together, breathing cold air

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LOS ANGELES (CNS) - With cold weather forecast this week, weather- activated shelters will be extended in the following areas, Los Angeles County officials said:

-- Antelope Valley, Palmdale, Lancaster, extended to Tuesday (check out Wednesday);

-- San Fernando Valley, extended to March 31 (check out April 1);

-- Metro LA, extended to March 31 (check out April 1);

-- South Los Angeles, extended to March 31 (check out April 1).

The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority's Homeless Engagement Team can reserve a bed at a winter shelter site for clients they encounter through outreach. Clients can also call 211 directly to be connected to a shelter site. If a winter shelter bed is not available, 211 LA will issue a motel voucher upon activation.

The Los Angeles County health officer issued a cold weather alert Sunday for the following areas:

-- Santa Clarita Valley, Monday and Tuesday;

-- Lancaster, Monday to Friday;

-- Mount Wilson, Monday and Tuesday.

"Children, the elderly, and people with disabilities or special medical needs are especially vulnerable during cold weather. Extra precaution should be taken to ensure they don't get too cold when they are outside," Dr. Muntu Davis said. "There are places where people can go to stay warm, such as shelters or other public facilities. We also want to remind people not to use stoves, barbeques or ovens to heat their homes due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning."

The Office of Emergency Management monitors forecasted weather conditions, and coordinates with various stakeholders that assess and determine if activation of

The Augmented Winter Shelter Program is activated when the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health issues a cold weather alert, or the National Weather Service forecasts weather with the following conditions:

-- three days of low daytime temperatures accompanied by night wind chill temperatures of 32 degrees or less;

-- 1 inch of rain in 24 hours;

-- three consecutive days of 1-4 inches of rain or more accompanied by temperatures at or below 50 degrees;

-- a flood watch or warning; or

-- conditions not previously identified by the plan but for which it would be prudent to do so based upon critical need.

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