Alli Webb of Drybar | CEOs You Should Know

Alli Webb is what many would consider a 'classic American success story.'

As the daughter of entrepreneurs, Webb said she grew up knowing that she always wanted to pursue her passions as a full-time career as well, it was just a matter of figuring out exactly what those passions were...

But not long after she decided to drop out of college, Webb said that's when she noticed a huge void in the hair market.

As a longtime professional stylist herself, Webb became frustrated with the fact that a simple blowout from a traditional hair salon could be so overpriced... So she created Drybar!

Drybar was founded on the simple concept that a salon could focus specifically on one thing, and become the best at it. And in this case, that focus was bowouts! No washing, dying, or hair cutting... Just styling.

The success of Webb's new salon idea took off, and it wasn't long at all before Drybar had become a multi-million dollar business.

Now, with over 100 locations throughout the United States and Canada, women are able to go into any Drybar salon and be confident that they'll walk out with a great blowout, for a great price.

But then, the coronavirus came along...

However, Webb said her and her team didn't let the COVID-19 pandemic change Drybar. Instead, they decided to adapt to the new ways of doing their business. And in turn, focusing only on the things that they could control, like improving their Drybar app.

"I think this time has forced me to just be really grateful for the little things in life, and not necessarily need all of the other stuff," she said. "I am sure we are going to see some really amazing things come out of this."

To learn more about Alli Webb and Drybar, visit their website:

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