Kevin Cohee of OneUnited Bank | CEOs You Should Know

Kevin Cohee is the owner, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OneUnited Bank, the largest Black owned bank and the first Black owned internet bank in the United States.

Born into a family of Black Panthers, Cohee was inspired to create and spearhead the Bank Black movement back in 1968, specifically using banking as a form of social protest.

"It was a big focus on both where you spent your money, and where you didn't spend your money, as a way of creating social progress," he said.

From there, OneUnited Bank was born, and Cohee began establishing a community of banks across the country. By unifying these banks, Cohee and OneUnited Bank were able to transfer tens of millions of dollars into Black owned banks and businesses.

Fast forward to today, and OneUnited Bank has exploded with business, as more and more people look to invest in Black-owned businesses. Cohee said their bank has added over 60,000 new customers, just in the last few months!

"We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to grow at such a significant level," he said.

Cohee also said one of the main goals of OneUnited Bank is to financially educate it's customers. Because through education, he believes the large financial gap in America can finally be closed.

"We're all Americans, we all want a better country, and we're all working for the same goals," he said. "So this is a perfect opportunity for us to work together to perfect our democracy."

For more information, visit their website:

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