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John & Ken Show Hour 1 (12/02)

John & Ken Show Hour 2 (12/02)

Putin Poopied!
Animal Eyes Harvested
LA County Deputy DA Victoria Adams sues over retaliation
Elon Musk says he'd be comfortable implanting a Neuralink

John & Ken Show Hour 3 (12/02)

2/3 of drivers carry weapons in their car / Indoor Masking Back
Biden Lawsuit
Elon Musk’s Boring Company Ghosts Cities Across America
Volcanic Eruption in Mauna Loa

John & Ken Show Hour 4 (12/02)

PastaThon Recipient Claudia Joins the Show
Moist Line
Elon Musk on Hunter Biden Suppression

John & Ken Show Hour 1 (12/01)

Gavin Newsom’s reparations committee is suggesting sending out over $550 billion dollars. UCLA has signed an agreement with a local tribe to use their land. Some middle school students in Van Nuys experienced distress from edible pot. Ken actually feels bad for a criminal

John & Ken Show Hour 2 (12/01)

Assemblyman Vince Fong comes on the show to talk about gas prices. Some people still haven’t gotten their gas relief money. More on the student loan debt forgiveness program. Regulations are coming to people who catch lobsters.

John & Ken Show Hour 3 (12/01)

People are leaving California because it is too expensive. More on Garcetti's ambassadorship nomination. George Gascon gave preferential treatment to trying to find singer John Legend's stolen car.

John & Ken Show Hour 4 (12/01)

More on the murdered Idaho college students. More on the Harvey Weinstein trial. Some states haven't certified their elections yet. COVID-19 lockdowns had negative impacts on the youth.

John & Ken Show Hour 1 (11/30)

Poland advanced to the Knockout Round in the World Cup so John is happy, and Iranians celebrated the US victory over Iran yesterday. California has made history! The mayor of NYC has done something that a lot of cities should adopt. An update from the Execution Desk.

John & Ken Show Hour 2 (11/30)

Steve Gregory comes on the show to talk about the press conference today regarding the Virginia cop who killed 3 members of the family of a girl who he was grooming. There is a possible railroad strike on our hands before the holiday season. Police robots have been approved by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. More on the Harvey Weinstein trial.