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Video Shows Russian Soldier Castrate Ukrainian POW

In a shocking video that's turned up on social media, a group of Russian soldiers can be seen holding down a Ukrainian prisoner of war while one uses a box cutter to castrate him...


Photo: Getty Images

In an accompanying caption, poster Inna Sovsun, a member of Ukraine's parliament, said the video shows "a Russian soldier from Chechen battalion Ahmat cutting off the genitals of Ukrainian POW."

Although the video ends after the castration, some reports claim the Ukrainian was then killed.

In response to the clip, Ukrainian presidential adviser Mikhailo Podolyak voiced his outrage, tweeting, "Russian propagandists were delighted to show how a group of inhumans destroyed a captive. All the world needs to understand: Russia is a country of cannibals who enjoy torture and murder. But the fog of war will not help to avoid the punishment of the executioners."

Click HERE to see it on Yahoo! News.

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