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El Monte Votes 5-0 "No Confidence" in Gascón


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The city of El Monte has officially voted "NO CONFIDENCE" in Los Angeles DA George Gascón.

After an absolutely devastating week for the city of El Monte, officials have unanimously issued a vote of "no confidence" in Los Angeles DA George Gascón - making this the 35th California city to do the same.

“We believe that D.A. Gascon’s policies have now been shown to be detrimental to public safety in El Monte and Los Angeles County, and also detrimental to the goal we share, of rehabilitating people away from criminal activity, as shown by the high failure rate of D.A. Gascon’s policy of not holding people accountable for their criminal acts,”

The unanimous vote from El Monte officials comes one week after two El Monte police officers were killed by a gang member who struck a plea deal with Gascón.
Officials say the LA DA contributed to the murders of these two police officers and that his policies are undermining the criminal justice system.

“D.A. Gascon’s poorly vetted policies allowed a career criminal and known gang member to walk the streets freely following a lenient 2021 plea deal,”

In the hours prior to El Monte City Council's vote, Gascón held a press conference to defend his decision to release William Flores, the man who killed the two El Monte police officers:

“In this particular case, the history of the suspect, Mr. Flores, did not contain any evidence of violence,”

He continued by saying:

“He was basically someone who had been drug addicted for many years.”

According to investigators, Flores was out of jail on probation at the time he killed the police officers. After he shot and killed the two police officers, Flores took his own life as other officers closed in on him.

According to DA Gascón, the killer "could have gone to jail" if his gun possession case went to trial, but with the implications of his plea agreement, Flores was sentenced to only two years of probation and 20 days in jail. The DA also said that possession of a firearm is not considered a violent crime. OUTRAGEOUS!

“He was arrested for possession of drugs and possession of a gun, not the use of a gun,”

The DA continued by saying:

“Under the circumstances, I believe it was an appropriate outcome.”

Last week, the mother of fallen officer Santana, blamed the DA for the murder of her son. She spoke to John and Ken to discuss the pain she was feeling and how this was 100% preventable by Gascón.


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