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Texas School Shooter Known for Abusing Animals

Mass Shooting At Elementary School In Uvalde, Texas Leaves 21 Dead

Photo: Getty Images

Some classmates of the teenage gunman in Uvalde, Texas say he was known for abusing animals prior to Tuesday’s school massacre. One student at Ulvade High School says Salvador Ramos was a bully who brutally attacked dogs and picked on people.  

According to classmate Jaime Arellano:

"He would go to the park and try to pick on people and he loved hurting animals. He would try and call people names and start fights. I remember there was one time we saw him beating a little dog senseless."

Another classmate, Ivan Arellano told WFAA:

“He would hurt animals. He was not a good person. Salvador Ramos was a boy who was not bullied. He would try to pick on people and fail and it would aggravate him.”

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