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US Supreme Court to Rule on Trump Immigration Policies Next Year


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The United States Supreme Court will rule on whether not it was legal or not for President Trump to use military funds to expand the border wall. It was agreed to by the Supreme Court on Monday and they will also rule on his "Remain in Mexico" policy which would prevent migrants seeking asylum from waiting in the United States until their case is heard.

If Trump is reelected on November 3rd, these two cases will be of highly significant but if Biden wins the cases could get thrown out completely.

Trump's policies have already been deemed illegal by federal judges in California who said the president did not have the right to act on his own and go against Congress.

Thousands of people seeking asylum have been forced back to Mexico. Around 70,000 people were put into the program waiting upward of a year in cities along the border that the U.S. State Department has assessed as some of the most dangerous cities in the world.

The United States simultaneously has tightened it's border policies due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The closure of the U.S. southern border for "non-essential" travel has been extended through at least Nov. 21 and many immigration court cases have been indefinitely postponed.

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