Credit: Getty Images

55-year-old Thomas Pantuso has been identified as the man who took off his pants and masturbated during a half-marathon in New Jersey.

Pantuso was taken to Bergen County Regional Medical Center for an evaluation after the spectacle at Eagle and Elmwood drives.

About 200 runners were participating in the event when Pantuso ditched the flannel pajama bottoms he was wearing and started pleasuring himself.

A witness said:

β€œHe was standing on a corner in flannel pajamas with his shirt open and touching himself. Then he just dropped his pants.”

Police Capt. Michael McDermot said:

"There were several people who saw him. So there are several witness accounts.”

Pantuso has had run-ins with the law since 1994, when he was arrested in Hackensack for resisting arrest and assaulting police.

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