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Homeless camps are a growing problem for Fountain Valley residents

Jennifer London says she no longer feels safe in her condo next to the Santa Ana riverbed. She's had bottles thrown at her when she leaves, and had a man accost her with a rake.

She also had a bike stolen from her first-floor patio and had to install a big trellis to keep the intruders out.

London and many other Fountain Valley residents are getting fed up with the rolls of toilet paper, bottles of urine, and aggressive homeless people living in tent cities along the river banks. 

Homeowners say that their many complaints aren't being heard at meetings with the Orange County Board of Supervisors, and law enforcement isn't doing anything either.

Jeanina Cole told the O.C. Register:

"We’re at our wit’s end. The Fountain Valley police don’t want to come out and they tell us not to file reports.”

Fountain Valley Mayor John Collins said:

"The problem we have is that’s county property. If they come into Fountain Valley, then we can enforce laws, that’s for sure.”

Things are getting really bad there, when will the county step in and put an end to this madness. The taxpaying residents of Orange County should not have to put up with this!

Click here to read more at the O.C. Register.

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