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Democrats create another bill to change recall rules and help Josh Newman

(Credit: Josh Newman, Facebook)

There are more than enough valid signatures to trigger a recall election of Josh Newman, but the Democrats are still doing whatever they can to protect him and keep their supermajority.

Today they made public amendments to Senate Bill 117, which is meant to revive Newman-friendly election law changes. Just a few days ago, the 3rd District Court of Appeal rejected parts of Senate Bill 96, passed in June, because it violated the California's single-subject rule for legislation.

Senate Bill 117 reads:

“To eliminate any issue as to whether the changes to recall petition procedures made by Senate Bill 96 are enacted in violation of the single subject rule, it is the intent of the Legislature to repeal those provisions and reenact them in this act, which embraces only the subject of elections."

SB 117 would uphold SB 96 and add months to the recall timeline, pushing the election to happen during the June 2018 primary instead of this November. The Democrats hope that a June 2018 election would mean a higher democratic turnout to help Newman keep his seat.

The changes would also allow voters who signed the recall petition 30 days to take back their signatures. It's a bunch of nonsense! The voters have a right to a recall, and the Democrats are abusing their power to get what they want.

It's disgusting.

Click here to read more at the Sacramento Bee.

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