Should Taylor Swift 'Shut Up and Sing?'

Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Glendale, AZ

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With her 279 MILLION followers on Instagram alone, some fear and some hope that a Taylor Swift endorsement could help shift a significant portion of the electorate. In fact, it may shift the opinions' of Swiftie-voters so much so that both sides of the political world seem to be courting the pop star.

While the GOP is hoping she'll keep quiet, the DNC is ready to help Taylor speak up. And to that end, there are even reports of President Biden thinking of attending a concert of Swift's ever-popular Eras Tour. According to Rolling Stone,

"Mr. Trump has argued in private that celebrity endorsements won’t help Mr. Biden, claiming that he’s “more popular” than the pop star and that his fans are more committed than hers."

What is the fear of a Taylor Swift endorsement?

Further insight into the GOP's sentiment can be gleaned from Fox News commentator, Tomi Lahren, who stated her case that Taylor should "stick to her singing." And that POV was backed by fellow Fox News contributor Jeanine Pirro, who laid it out pretty simply according to the The NY Times:

"don't get involved in politics, we don't want to see you there,"

The 'shut up and sing' ploy was originally assigned to The Chicks (FKA The Dixie Chicks), who attempted to turn the favorite phrase of their critics into a rallying cry. But unlike The Chicks, Swift's world reach has shifted the state of the economy, the music industry, and even the NFL. It would seem that the CD destruction parties of The Chicks past feel somewhat insignificant when compared to the potential influence of a 2024 digital-age Taylor Swift endorsement.

Why does it seem likely that Taylor Swift will support Biden?

After facing backlash for her silence during the 2016 election, Swift hasn't shied away from political endorsements in recent history. This dilemma is pictured in her Netflix film Miss Americana, during which Taylor decides to support two Democratic Tennessee Senate candidates in the 2018 midterms. While those 2018 endorsements may not have been the fairytale Swifties hoped for, there was an impact on the number of registered voters. Therefore, the power of Swift's Biden endorsement during the 2020 campaign shouldn't be underestimated.

While Swift is set to continue her tour over the coming weeks, it is reported that she will be in attendance at the Super Bowl to support her boyfriend, Chiefs wide receiver Travis Kelce. Kelce has similarly become fodder for the right wing, with his strong endorsement of the Pfizer vaccine, as Kelce is the campaigns' key spokesman.

While the outcome remains unknown, Taylor's theoretical political endorsement appears to have politicos on the edge of their seats, kind of like the Swifties looking for easter eggs in her every move.

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