STILL LAUGHING: A Life in Comedy From Creator of Laugh-in George Schlatter

Join us for an afternoon of stories of what went on in the hallways and on the stages at NBC Burbank with the creator of Laugh-In, George Schlatter, and former NBC Page, Shelley Herman. A Q&A to follow. Order your copy of "Still Laughing" and "My Peacock Tale: Secrets Of An NBC Page" from Barnes and Noble in Burbank.

Meet Legendary Laugh-In Creator George Schlatter Book Signing and Conversation at Barnes & Noble in Burbank on SATURDAY, NOV 4th 2:00PM Media City Center 731 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank, CA, 91502



Already a well-regarded producer of television specials and variety shows by 1967, George Schlatter pitched to NBC an idea that was a radical departure: a comedy special inspired by the hippie counter-culture, one which would take the idea of sit-ins, love-ins, and be-ins, and manifest that politicized, sexualized, consciousness-raising energy into comedic sketches. The special, Laugh-in, was so successful it became a regular television series, running from January 1968 to March 1973 and eventually becoming the #1 show on TV. 

Still Laughing features never-before-told backstories from the creation of one of the most beloved shows in television history. It also recounts the coming-of-age of one of television’s great producers, from his early nightclub days in Vegas, rubbing elbows with iconic mob figures like Mickey Cohen and John Stompanato, to his influential friendships with Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra, for whom George was asked to deliver a eulogy at his funeral. 

The book is an inside look at the Golden Age of Hollywood in the wake of the cultural upheaval of the Sixties and Seventies. It demonstrates the crucial role a working producer plays in bringing a show to life, and reveals the actual people (Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant, Milton Berle, Liza Minnelli, among many others) cloistered inside their iconic celebrity. With spit-fire humor and tireless wit, Still Laughing captures this adventurous and CURIOUS time. 

Still Laughing includes never before seen photographs of Hollywood’s biggest stars, accompanying untold stories, such as: 

  • How George survived Frank Sinatra’s bad moods by making him laugh
  • How George bought a house in Beverly Hills for Sammy Davis Jr.
  • The time George sang “Over the Rainbow” to an irate Judy Garland
  • How George convinced Ronald Reagan to do an act in Las Vegas with a troupe of chimps
  • How George got Nixon to appear on “Laugh-In”
  • How George became the Father of Reality TV when he created Real People and  gave a 18-year-old Byron Allen national exposure
  • He convinced Lucille Ball to ride an elephant down Shubert Alley… and got arrested
  • How he shot a special around a dead body on a Manhattan roof top
  • How George produced the first-ever all-Black variety show with Redd Foxx and Pearl Bailey
  • How he used humor to get around the censorship of the 1960’s


Television producer Schlatter recounts his Hollywood career in this spellbinding memoir. 

“Whether he’s getting body-painted nipples past NBC censors, watching Lily Tomlin rise to superstardom, or improvising a song to help book Sonny and Cher, Schlatter’s anecdotes from his time at Laugh-In are a treasure trove of unfiltered gossip. There are more poignant reminiscences, too, many of them reserved for Schlatter’s good friend Sinatra—he describes delivering the singer’s eulogy as “the most difficult moment of my life.” Boosted by its garrulous tone, this glitzy account of a bygone Hollywood era is a must for pop culture enthusiasts.”Publishers Weekly (Starred)

Lively notes on TV comedy by a master of the genre; a pleasure for fans.

“I learned what ‘shtick’ meant from the very best,” Schlatter writes, “which was useful when I ended up in Hollywood.” Given his desire to get into show business, it was almost inevitable that he would wind up in Los Angeles, and after an abbreviated stint in college there, he talked his way into a job at a talent agency, where Frank Sinatra took him on. From then on, Schlatter did a bit of everything, including producing Judy Garland and a fast-cut ad-lib hour with Art Carney and Jonathan Winters, “television without a net.” There’s dish aplenty and gracious appreciations, too, including Schlatter’s declaration that “giggly dumb blonde” Goldie Hawn was “the smartest member of the whole cast.”–Kirkus

“To sit with George Schlatter and hear his stories is a gift. To read this book is an even bigger gift. It sounds like him, it feels like him. This incredible career is hilariously written as if you're sitting across from the great man himself.” –Billy Crystal

“I wouldn’t exactly say that George Schlatter invented show business, but he moved it along in the right direction as much as anybody I can think of. If comedy is king, he’s the kingmaker– and I don’t know where comedy would be these days without his groundbreaking innovations and encouragements. Lots of people like to say “I’ve got stories!”, but George? He’s really got stories, and thank god somebody finally convinced him to write them down!” –Bill Maher

“George Schlatter is absolutely brilliant!!! I have known him for over 40 years. I’ve watched George make television history several times while helping to make the world a better place. He’s very funny and one of the best storytellers to ever live.” –Byron Allen


George Schlatter changed the face of television when he created and produced the landmark sketch comedy series Laugh-In. Throughout his long and storied career, he also created and produced the TV series Real People, produced the first five years of the Grammy Awards, and hundreds of hours of variety series and specials featuring many of comedy and music’s biggest stars, as well as two Presidential inaugural opening ceremonies. He was also the creator and producer of The American Comedy Awards, which honored and celebrated comedic artists and performances – the Awards ran on network television for 15 years.

Schlatter has received numerous honors and awards including 25 Emmy nominations, and three Emmy awards, plus Television Critics Association Awards, NAACP Image Awards, Golden Globes, the Directors Guild Award, the Producers Guild “Man of The Year” and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

And this past August 4, the National Comedy Center which is located in Lucille Ball’s hometown of Jamestown, NY named a theater in honor of George and his wife Jolene Brand. This state of the art theater features a retrospective on George’s career and extraordinary legacy in comedy and ensure that the tremendous impact of George’s work will be preserved for generations to come.


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