Fast-Food Manager Created Fake Employee to Get Extra Pay

Authorities are seeking the manager of a Wendy's restaurant in Lancaster County, who is accused of creating a fictitious employee on the payroll to embezzle extra salary for herself. The alleged scheme allowed her to pocket an additional $20,000.

The fraudulent activity came to light when the insurance company of the fast-food franchise noticed discrepancies during an audit. They discovered that 22 paychecks had been issued to a non-existent employee named William Bright, who never actually worked at the Wendy's. It is believed that the restaurant manager, Linda Johnson, aged 35, fabricated paperwork and manipulated timecards to invent the fictional employee. Subsequently, she deposited the checks meant for this made-up employee into her own CashApp account over a period spanning from June 2021 to May 2022.

Upon further investigation, it was confirmed that no one among the Wendy's employees knew of or had worked alongside a co-worker named William Bright. When questioned by the police in April, Johnson allegedly confessed that Bright was a "ghost employee" whom she falsely logged in and out at the restaurant.

The total gross pay listed on paychecks for William Bright amounted to $19,898, resulting in a loss of $15,846 to the insurance company.

Johnson, originally from Monroe, Louisiana, is now wanted on charges of theft by deception. However, she has managed to evade arrest for several weeks. If anyone has information regarding her whereabouts, they are encouraged to contact the Manheim Township police at (717) 569-6401.

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