Looking To Relax? Maybe Try Listening to Nature And Bird Sounds


Photo: JIM WATSON / AFP / Getty Images

Personally, I love listening to nature sounds, especially when it is time to go to bed. I throw on a nature sounds playlist on Spotify, set my phone down and close my eyes. I picture the ocean, a rainforest, or a creek flowing through the woods. It helps me to relax and go to sleep when my brain is still firing off signals to stay awake.

Living in Southern California, we tend to hear car horns blaring, construction happening on the street, just a lot of vehicle and mechanical noises. This can add to the anxiety of those just looking to find peace in their day.

Imagine, sitting on a porch in the mountains, the closest city is miles away. It's only you and the sounds of trees rustling and birds chirping. Nothing but peaceful sounds. It's a stark difference between the two environments.

According to the Wall Street Journal, research shows that bird songs and calls can help reduce stress and anxiety. Seeing birds can also help activate the dopamine in our brain which is known to boost moods and motivate individuals.

But let's make this short and get you relaxing sooner! I challenge you to take 3 minutes to close your eyes and listen to some nature sounds. Put yourself into the scenery you are hearing whether it is a forest with bird sounds or a beach with crashing waves.

You may be at work taking a break or at home reading this but set some time for yourself, relax, and enjoy listening to nature!

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