Stay Cool And Save Money? Here's What LA Residents Need To Know

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Every summer Southern California gets hit with a heat wave. Many residents either don't have air conditioning or have a unit that does not work properly.

According to NBC 4 Los Angeles, the LA Department of Water and Power are looking to give Angelenos the ability to stay cool this summer by offering rebates to lower-income residents. The LADWP are giving out $225 to eligible residents, more than triple the amount they gave last year. The cost of the rebates should cover 80% of the purchase price of a small window AC unit.

Here's how to become eligible for the rebates:

  • All customers get a $75 rebate over the summer ($50 for the year) if you own a more efficient portable, wall-mounted or window AC unit.
  • Those who return old windows get a $25 prepaid gift card in return.

For the $225 rebate, eligible customers will have to be a part of one of the four programs listed below:

  • EZ-SAVE (formerly known as the Low-Income Discount Program)
  • Lifeline (which exempts low-income seniors and disabled residents from taxes on their utility bills)
  • Life Support Equipment Discount (for people with respirators, motorized wheelchairs and other essential health devices at home)
  • Physician Certified Allowance Discount (for households with members who are paraplegic, quadriplegic or have certain disabling conditions).

To find out more information on the rebate program and to see if you are eligible to qualify, please visit the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

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