WATCH: 57,000 Beluga Whales Migrate In The Hudson Bay


Photo: OLIVIER MORIN / AFP / Getty Images

WATCH: Polar Bear International has set up "Beluga Cams" for those interested in watching the beluga migration.

About two-thirds of the beluga whales in the world migrate to the Churchill Valley and Hudson Bay in Canada during the summer months when there is no ice.

Last weekend, cameras were installed on PBI boats which include underwater microphones so that viewers can listen in on the chattering and singing of these amazing mammals. PBI designates July 15 as "Arctic Sea Ice Day" in order to increase public awareness of polar bears and sea ice loss.

According to an interview with Good News Network, Krista Wright, the executive director of Polar Bear International, “On Arctic Sea Ice Day, we bring the Arctic to people around the world through outreach like the beloved Beluga Whale Live Cam.”

To find more information or to watch the beluga migration go to Polar Bear International.

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