11-Year-Old Texas Boy Rings A Doorbell Looking For Friends

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Photo: LightFieldStudios / iStock / Getty Images

Security cam footage of a heartbreaking yet heartwarming interaction between a young boy and his neighbor went viral on TikTok in the beginning of July. 11-year-old Shayden Walker is seen going up to his neighbor Brennan Ray's home talking into his doorbell security camera.

"Um, I just wanted to see if you knew any kids around like 11 or 12 maybe... I need some friends, like really bad."

Ray suggests a few children in their neighborhood in Amarillo, Texas, but Shayden responds that he no longer sees them "because they're bullies."

Ray then asks Shayden if he would like to play with his daughter who was only 2 years old, but if Shayden wanted to, he could play with her. Shayden responds, "Oh great! I love 2 year olds, to be honest, they're like the most cutest things I've ever known."

Following the encounter, Ray posted the doorbell surveillance video to TikTok and asked users if they could help Shayden make friends. The video received an astonishing 69 million views, which included views from millions of people worldwide in addition to locals. Now Shayden has pals in China, Australia, Hawaii, and the UK.

Shayden continues to play with Ray's daughter, and both Shayden and Ray's families are very close. In order to assist Shayden, Ray and his wife launched a GoFundMe, which has already raised $37,000 for Shayden to use anyway he pleases (per the fundraiser's stated terms).

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