Two Children Injured After Acid Poured onto Playground Slide

High Angle View Of Slide At Playground

Photo: Getty Images

Two children were left with "burn like" injuries when they came into contact with a pool chemical that had been poured onto playground slides at a park.

The suspect, still at large, may have suffered acid burns themselves.

"I let the kids go and play. I did notice that there was liquid collected at tge bottom of the slide. I just assumed it was rainwater. Then my baby, who's one, just started that was when I knew that this liquid that they were around was not water." said Ashley Thielen, the mother of the two children who were injured. The wounds were mostly superficial but it could have been much worse,

Investigators determined the liquid, which was poured on three slides. was muriatic acid, also called hydrochloric acid, which is used in cleaning and disinfecting swimming pools, according to the CDC.

The playground has been professionally cleaned, but it remains fences off out of an abundance of caution. All hazardous materials have been removed, and the rest of the park is open, the fire department said.

Police at the Massachusetts State Crime Lab are performing forensic analysis and fingerprinting on evidence that was gathered at the playground and pump room.

For more information check out CNN.

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