Doctor's Viral Video Will Tell You How Old Your Ears Are

Photo: Getty Images

Watching videos online about medical conditions is usually not a great idea, but one doctor put up an interesting test that is going viral. He's calling it the "Healthy Ears Test" and it will let you know just how "old" your ears are.

The clip simply plays a sound that gets higher and higher in pitch. As the pitch goes up, the age of the people who can hear it goes down. When you can no longer hear the sound, you look at the corresponding age and that tells you how old your ears are. Just make sure that when you do the test your volume is at the normal level where you usually keep it.

Most people wind up no longer able to hear the sound a little before or after their true age, but some folks make it much further. One person commented, "There is silence after 30," and another wrote, "I stopped at 50 💀," while a third stated, "I am 2 years old 😂."

If you turn your volume all the way up, you'll be able to hear that the sound does indeed go to the end of the video, so there might be some validity to the test. You can see more from the doctor on his TikTok page.

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