Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Selfie Kid Arrested After Drunken Argument

Photo: Getty Images/Collier County Sheriff's Office

Ryan McKenna, the boy who went viral for taking a selfie with Justin Timberlake during his Super Bowl 52 halftime show, was reportedly arrested the night before this year's Super Bowl. According to TMZ, the 18-year-old was drunk and fighting with friends in a California Pizza Kitchen inside of a shopping center in Naples, FL.

Cops were called to the restaurant after they received a report of a drunk man who was hitting his friends. When they arrived, officers said a 15-year-old boy told them he was friends with Ryan but they had gotten into an argument which led to Ryan standing up, aggressively pushing their table, and yelling obscenities at the boy's girlfriend per the arrest report obtained by TMZ.

Ryan reportedly interrupted his friend's conversation with the cops and started arguing with him. When Ryan was asked to step away he kept arguing with the boy until the cops got him to calm down. As they explained to him he would have to be escorted off the property, police said Ryan turned aggressive again and began waving his arms and yelling while trying to approach his friend again. The cops said they had to put their hands on Ryan's chest to stop him but Ryan continued to yell and moved the officers' hands from his chest.

When they tried to detain him, the cops claim Ryan resisted so they forced him to the ground where he continued to resist until he put his hands behind his back and was placed in handcuffs. According to TMZ, Ryan was taken to Naples Jail Center and booked for felony battery on a law enforcement officer and two misdemeanors: resisting arrest and obstruction of an officer.

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