White House responds to FAA system outage

Flights across the U.S. have resumed after a massive FAA outage grounded all flights for several hours on Wednesday morning.

  • A system failure forced all domestic flights to remain on the ground until 9am EST. At least 5,000 flights have been affected so far.
  • Delays could continue through the day due to the 'cascade effect' of early flights being postponed.
  • The FAA's nationwide ground stop was the first in the U.S. since September 11th, 2001.
  • The Federal Aviation Administration paused all domestic flight departures this morning after a computer system outage sparked widespread delays.
  • The FAA issued an advisory just after 4 a.m. ET saying that technicians were working to address the problem.
  • United Airlines tweeted that the issue was with the FAA’s Notice to Air Missions system, which sends out real-time flight hazards and restrictions to all commercial pilots.

Wednesday's massive FAA computer outage was likely not caused by cyber-attackers, the White House says.

  • Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tweeted that President Biden had been briefed on the outage, and that "there is no evidence of a cyberattack at this point".
  • Biden told reporters the cause of the outage was under investigation.
  • What do you think caused the FAA outage? Is the U.S. susceptible to a large-scale cyberattack?

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