When Should You Take Down Your Christmas Tree?

holiday blues: cleaning up at the end of holiday season

Photo: Getty Images

Christmas 2022 may be behind us, but does that mean your tree should be thrown out along with the ripped-up wrapping paper and bows? That depends on who you ask.

Lewis Puleo -- vice president at Puleo International, the oldest artificial tree company in the U.S. -- says the proper time to lose the tree is January 6th -- the day of the Epiphany.

"Many people will take down their artificial Christmas tree, wreath or holiday decor during the week following New Year’s Day so as to start the year anew," he says. "Wait until January 6th as the final day to remove all holiday decor."

Plus, January 6th is the 12th day of Christmas, per the song.

However, some say the tree should be taken down on New Year's Day.

"January 1st is that clear marker of time that the holidays are over and a new beginning is here," says Honeycomb Home Design's Ariana Lovato.

And still others believe a deadline of February 1st is more appropriate.

According to a survey conducted by Neighbor, 33% of Americans say they leave their trees up until after January is over, while 31% say they take them down by January 15th.

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