Chico Man Charged For Shooting Into Downstairs Neighbor's Apartment

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A Chico man has been charged with shooting into his neighbor's apartment on Monday. 28-year-old Luke Kitchel was charged with three counts for shooting his shotgun into his downstairs neighbor's apartment. The downstairs neighbor, an unnamed woman, called the police after Kitchel allegedly used his shotgun to shoot into the woman's apartment. Kitchel shot through his kitchen floor into the woman's bedroom ceiling. Kitchel then proceeded to shoot through her apartment door. According to Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey, the woman was struck by the shot through the door. The suspect then fired an additional third shot through the woman's apartment window.

Another neighbor reported seeing Kitchel with a tactical shotgun and bulletproof vest at the time of the shooting. When a neighbor confronted Kitchel for shooting in the apartment he denied firing his gun and went back into his apartment. When police arrived Kitchel locked himself in his apartment refusing to comply with authorities. After a lengthy standoff, Kitchel eventually surrendered to Chico's SWAT team.

There has been no known history of disputes between Kitchel and the woman. The woman suffered only minor injuries and Kitchel is due back in court on January 4.

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