DOT To Probe Holiday Flight Cancellations

The U.S. Department of Transportation is looking into all those flight cancellations by Southwest Airlines...


Photo: Getty Images

The cancellations left travelers stranded at airports across the country amid an intense winter storm that has killed dozens of people.

Many airlines were forced to cancel flights, but Southwest was by far the worst culprit, grounding about 2,900 domestic U.S. flights on Monday.

Southwest CEO Bob Jordan told The Wall Street Journal in an interview that the airline would operate just over a third of its usual schedule to allow crews to get back to where they needed to be.

“We had a tough day today," Southwest CEO Bob Jordan told The Wall Street Journal on Monday. "In all likelihood we’ll have another tough day tomorrow as we work our way out of this. This is the largest scale event that I’ve ever seen.”

Other major airlines, including American, United, Delta and JetBlue, suffered cancellations rates of between zero and 2%.

The cancellation rate at Southwest Airlines was 62%.

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