Massive Flight Cancellations Leave Holiday Travelers Stranded

Airport scene - Decorated Christmas Tree with a Flight Departures Display

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Flight cancelations were like a lump of coal for thousands of travelers over the holiday weekend...

A winter storm brought record cold temperatures and snow to a huge portion of the country -- left more than a million without power, and resulted in at least 31 deaths.

For the third day in a row yesterday, flights across the country were canceled and some people resorted to sleeping in airports and opening Christmas gifts there while waiting for flight options.

And today... Southwest Airlines had to cancel more than half of its flights, meaning more than 2,300 total flights had been cancelled as of Monday afternoon.

"As the storm continued to sweep across the country, it continued to impact many of our larger stations and so the cancellations just compiled one after another to 100 to 150 to 1,000," Southwest Airlines spokesperson Jay McVay said at a news conference at Houston's William P. Hobby Airport on Monday night. "With those cancellations and as a result, we end up with flight crews and airplanes that are out of place and not in the cities that they need to be in to continue to run our operations."

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