Discovery Of Ancient Egyptian Tunnel Could Lead To Cleopatra's Tomb

Archaeologists in Egypt may be close to one of the greatest discoveries in recent history. An ancient mysterious tunnel was discovered in Egypt that experts believe could lead to Cleopatra's tomb.

  • Cleopatra was Egypt's last Pharaoh before Roman conquest in 30 B.C.
  • The 4,300ft tunnel was discovered by University of San Domingo archaeologists. Its located in Alexandria, Egypt 40ft underground in the Temple of Taposiris Magna ruins
  • Several artifacts with Cleopatra's name and image have been found at the site

University of Liverpool's senior Egyptology lecturer Roland Enmarch said this about the potential discovery:

"Her royal dynasty had built their tombs in their capital city, Alexandria, and ancient writers tell us that Cleopatra actually went and took shelter in her [already constructed] tomb when the Romans captured Alexandria — and it was probably there that she famously committed suicide to avoid being paraded in chains on the streets of Rome in Octavian's triumph,"

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