Burger King Customer's Card Swiped; Manager and Girlfriend Arrested

Sign of Burger King in Liverpool

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A trip to Burger King for food led to more than $700 in fraudulent charges on a man's debit card, and the restaurant shift manager and his pregnant girlfriend behind bars on criminal chargers.

According to the CBS12, the victim went to Burger King on June 29th. He left the restaurant after ordering his food, but left his Wells Fargo debit card on the table.

The next day, investigators said the man found four fraudulent transactions worth more than $764 on his checking account:

  • $334.85 at the Publix.
  • $60.44 at Wawa
  • $362 at Walmart

A fourth transaction was declined at a Taco Bell. All these transactions happened just hours after the man paid for his dinner at Burger King, according to investigators.

The surveillance video showed the customer leaving his debit card on the table. A customer picked it up initially but then put it back on th table. A Burger King employee then found it and turned it over to the night shift manager.

According to the arrest report, the night shift manager happened to be 42-year-old Jamie Damont-Jacobs. The manager took the card to a back office and put it into a safe. Eight minutes later he returned to the office, opened the safe, grabbed the debit card and put it in his pocket. He then went back to the dining room counter before going to the bathroom and returning to the office where he made a phone call.

Jacobs made a call to his pregnant girlfriend. She and her three young children showed up at Burger King to meet Jacobs. After leaving Burger King, she and her three children went to Publix, followed by Wawa, then Walmart. Brown told investigators Jacobs gave her the credit card that she ultimately used at Publix to buy groceries for her daughter's birthday party. She then bought gas at Wawa, and food at Taco Bell. She went to Walmart to get some more items for the party but again the card declined. She left empty handed.

The Burger King manager fired Jacobs. She said he "acknowledged the credit card incident and did not dispute it." She also said Jacob's thanked her for not telling authorities before leaving.

Jacobs and Brown face charges of trafficking in stolen property, fraud impression, possession of stolen credit cards, and illegal use of stolen credit cards.

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