Chipotle's Robot Chef "Chippy" Debut in OC Restaurant

Chipotle's Burrito Loading Zone

Photo: Getty Images

Robots can achieve amazing things!

On your next chipotle run, don't be surprised if you catch a robot in the kitchen, swiftly whipping up you favorite meal.

Chippy was tested during the pilot run at the company's digital test kitchen. Upon a successful run, Chippy is now officially debuting at Fountain Valley location along with a new AI-powered kitchen management system.

"Chippy is trained to replicate Chipotle's exact recipe- using corn, masa flour, water, and sunflower oil- to cook chips to perfection, season with a dusting of salt, and finish with a hint of fresh lime juice. It was imperative that the technique remained the same so customers receive delicious, craveable chips every time." said Chiptole

They company says Chippy's help will allow associates to better focus on other duties. Chipotle says the AI-powered kitchen management system will be tested at 8 locations throughout Orange County.

Chippy was manufactured by MISO Robotics, a robotics company focused on eliminating "dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks in restaurant kitchens."

MISO Robotics has partnered with other big-namefast food, chains, utilizing robots that can flip fried food baskets, automate drink dispensing, perfect coffee making and more.

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