Doctors Remove 50 Batteries From Woman's Stomach, Colon

AA batteries on a white wooden table

Photo: Getty Images

An Irish woman is recovering after doctors removed 50 batteries from her stomach and colon.

The 66-year-old Dublin resident, who admits to having swallowed the batteries on purpose, told doctors she wasn't sure exactly how many she had ingested, according to a report published in the Irish Medical Journal.

Although doctors helped her pass five of the batteries naturally... it soon became obvious she had a lot more inside of her...

After cutting her open, they successfully removed 46 AA batteries from her stomach and four from her colon, the medical journal reports.

"To the best of our knowledge, this case represents the highest reported number of batteries ingested at a single point in time," one doctor says.

While it's still rare, medical experts say they've seen an increase in battery ingestion cases recently... They say some people do it as a "rare method of deliberate self-harm," according to the Irish Medical Journal.

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