1.5M Puerto Rico Residents Still Without Power After Hurricane Fiona

Hurricane Fiona Hits Puerto Rico, Knocking Out Power Across The Island

Photo: Getty Images

Five days after Hurricane Fiona knocked out electricity on the island, nearly 1.5 million residents of Puerto Rico are still living with no power, authorities say.

The latest figure comes after 601,500 customers had their electricity restored on Friday, according to Luma Energy. However, most of those people live in the northeastern section of Puerto Rico, which made it through the hurricane with much less damage than other areas, a Luma rep says.

Also as of Friday, 968,793 customers -- representing 73 percent of the population -- had running water again, the Water and Sewer Authority had announced.

That leaves about 360,000 customers, or 27 percent, still waiting for their water to be restored, officials say.

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