TSA's 'Cutest Canine' Retires After 10 Years Of Bomb-Sniffing Service

A very special TSA officer is retiring after more than a decade on the job...

Shake a Paw

Photo: Getty Images

A bomb-sniffing K9 named Eebbers is retiring after 10 years of service at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

But it's a very well deserved retirement, as Eebbers has enjoyed quite the career!

He's worked events like the Super Bowl, NCAA Championship, the Indianapolis 500, and even won the TSA's 'Cutest Canine Contest' earlier this year!!!

"He was born to do this," handler Jean Carney said. "His ability to search out his trained odors amazes me every day."

The 11-year-old Labrador mix was also the oldest working bomb-sniffing dog in TSA. (Most dogs are retired after 7 or 8 years).

"It was the pinnacle of what we've worked for for all of these years. Just to let him be the dog that he deserves to be," Carney added. "He's worked so hard all of these years. He's been so dedicated, and such a hard worker, and the only thing he asked is that toy."

Ding Dong with you, Eebbers!

Read more about Eebbers on KENS 5 News.

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