Juul Agrees To Pay $438.5M In Underage Vaping Suit

Juul has agreed to fork over nearly half a billion dollars in a suit filed by 34 states that accuses the e-cigarette maker of marketing its product to teens.


Photo: Getty Images

The $438.5 million settlement ends a two-year legal battle for Juul, which has also been accused of claiming e-cigarettes help people stop smoking real cigarettes -- a claim that hasn't been approved by the FDA.

Lawyers for the plaintiffs claim Juul undermined a national push to reduce tobacco use, saying it played a major role in increasing the use of e-cigarettes among teens.

"This settlement with 34 states and territories is a significant part of our ongoing commitment to resolve issues from the past," read a statement issued on Tuesday by Juul. "The terms of the agreement are aligned with our current business practices, which we started to implement after our company-wide reset in the fall of 2019."

Check out more details on The Verge.

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