Study: A 2-Minute Walk After A Meal Can Lower Blood Sugar

Taking a short stroll after each meal can lower one's blood sugar, researchers have found.

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In a study published in the journal Sports Medicine, researchers found that walking for as little as two minutes can lower a person's blood sugar and reduce the risk of diabetes. And even standing up after a meal can affect a person's blood sugar, too!

"Intermittent standing breaks throughout the day and after meals reduced glucose on average by 9.51 percent compared to prolonged sitting," says Aidan Buffey of Ireland's University of Limerick. "However, intermittent light-intensity walking throughout the day saw a greater reduction of glucose by an average of 17.01 percent compared to prolonged sitting."

In addition to fending off diabetes, maintaining a low blood sugar count also reduces the risk of high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, dementia and some forms of cancer.

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