University of Cambridge Study Suggests We Drop The ‘Lazy Stoner’ Stereotype

While it may be true that some marijuana smokers are unambitious and lazy, it turns out they're no worse than people who don't smoke weed!

Lighting up marijuana cannabis joint

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That's according to a new study conducted by the University of Cambridge, which found that a stoner who lacks motivation is merely just a stereotype...

"We’re so used to seeing ‘lazy stoners’ on our screens that we don’t stop to ask whether they’re an accurate representation," says Martine Skumlien, one of the study's authors. "Our work implies that people who use cannabis are no more likely to lack motivation or be lazier than people who don’t."

But despite the study's findings, not everyone involved in the research is prepared to give pot a 10-star review.

"Our evidence indicates that cannabis use does not appear to have an effect on motivation for recreational users," says University of Cambridge neuroscientist Barbara Sahakian. "However, we cannot rule out the possibility that greater use, as seen in some people with cannabis-use disorder, has an effect."

Check out the full study on the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology.

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