This Is California's Signature Cheap Food

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What is your favorite inexpensive meal? Sometimes, cheap comfort food can be the necessary cure to silencing a growling stomach and turning around a bad day. Though the definition of cheap is relative, each state serves a signature meal that is known around each city for being more affordable than the rest. This meal is just as delicious as it is widely available and cost effective. It can be purchased from various locations throughout the state and enjoyed on multiple occasions without breaking the bank.

According to a list compiled by Cheapism, the most popular cheap food in California is tacos and burritos. Cheapism recommended trying these staple cheap foods at El Faro in San Francisco and Guerilla Tacos in Los Angeles.

Here is what Cheapism had to say about the most popular cheap foods in the entire state:

"California's taquerias always offer an array of delicious and inexpensive bites, no matter what part of the state you're in. San Diego residents take their fish tacos seriously; the Kiko's Place food truck is a favorite in San Diego. Meanwhile, Los Angeles offers up an incredible variety of taco variations with stands such as Yuca's offering Yucatán-style cochinita pibil, Leo's Taco Truck serving amazing al pastor, and creative new-school renditions coming from Guerrilla Tacos. Up north in San Francisco, the must-eat is Mission District burritos — a hefty feast of beans, rice, cheese, meat, salsa and various customizable fixings wrapped in a flour tortilla. El Faro claims to have created Mission-style burritos in 1961."

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