EPISODE 301 - The Missing College Student Bryce Laspisa

Photo: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

In the Season 3 Debut, Unsolved with Steve Gregory looks back at one of the most high-profile missing person's case in LA County, the disappearance of Bryce Laspisa.

19-year-old Bryce Laspisa had just broken up with his girlfriend at a college in northern California. He was distraught and told his parents he was driving to their home in Orange County to tell them something important. Along the I-5 freeway, Laspisa stopped at a rest area. A tow truck driver and 2 deputies were among the people to make contact with Bryce. Hours later, Bryce’s SUV was found overturned near Lake Castaic. His backpack, laptop, wallet, and some clothes were inside, along with a few drops of blood. But there was no sign of Bryce.

We speak with Detective Bob Martindale, one of the original investigators from the LA County Sheriff's Homicide Bureau. Martindale takes us through a detailed timeline of Bryce's behavior and movements up to the day he disappeared.

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Unsolved with Steve Gregory Season 3 Debuts Saturday August 20th at 8:00 PMPhoto: Steve Gregory

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