West Nile Hits NYC As Mosquitos Invade

West Nile Virus has been detected in two people in New York City.

Mosquito on Skin

Photo: Getty Images

City health officials say there are a record number of mosquitos in the city, and that two human virus cases were detected in the Queens and Brooklyn boroughs.

There have been a total of 1,068 West Nile-positive mosquito pools detected across all five city boroughs, which is the highest number ever recorded by city health officials.

West Nile Virus symptoms include headache, fever, muscle aches and extreme fatigue, but those 60 years and older can develop a serious or fatal illness of the brain and spinal cord called 'West Nile neuroinvasive disease'.

A total of 54 virus cases and four virus-related deaths have been reported in the U.S. this year alone.

Check out more details on The Hill.

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